Racing Rules, Regulations & Prizes

The City Ski Championships are organised in accordance with the rules of the International Ski Federation. See below for an overview of rules, regulations and prizes specific to the Championships.

Entry Eligibility & Team Formation

  • All competitors must be 18 or over.
  • Anyone who, at the date of the start of the City Ski Championships, has competed in any Alpine event at the FIS World Championships, FIS World Cup, FIS Alpine Europa Cup or FIS Alpine Continental Cup event within the last 5 years is not eligible to enter.
  • When registering, all competitors must declare non-amateur status if they have ever held a FIS license or earned an instructor qualification (active or inactive). Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  • Competitors may enter individually or form part of a team. If entering individually, the race organisers will assign competitors to a team, based on availability.
  • At the date of the start of the City Ski Championships, all competitors must be in current employment with the company stated on their race registration form.
  • Teams are made up of 4 competitors.
  • Snowboarders are eligible to enter, both as individuals and within teams.
  • Teams may have a maximum of 2 non-amateur competitors. This is applicable for both the Giant Slalom and Team Parallel Slalom.
  • If a team has one or more non-amateur competitors, they won’t be eligible to win prizes in the amateur team categories. However, amateur individuals within those teams will still be eligible for the amateur individual prizes.
  • To qualify for the Giant Slalom closed team prize, all 4 competitors must be employed by the same company. Where this is not the case, teams will only be eligible for the open team prize.
  • To qualify for the Giant Slalom mixed team prize, teams must have a minimum of two women.
  • A competitor can only form part of one team, per race.
  • Different teams may be entered for the Giant Slalom and Team Parallel Slalom. For the Giant Slalom, teams must be confirmed on the race registration form prior to travel. For the Team Parallel Slalom, teams must be finalised at the time of check-in for the race, with no substitutions or additions following this.
  • Individuals who belong to a Private Members Club must state this on their race registration form, in order to become eligible to win the Individual Interclub Champion prize. To be eligible to win the Team Interclub Champions prize, a full
    Private Members Club team must be entered i.e. you can’t race as part of a company team and an interclub team.

Safety & Insurance

  • Competitors participating in the City Ski Championships understand that they do so at their own risk and must sign the online disclaimer form before travelling to the City Ski Championships.
  • It is compulsory for all competitors to wear a suitable ski racing helmet.
  • For reasons of safety, the race organisers reserve the right to postpone, cancel, or move any of the race events, due to adverse weather or snow conditions without refund.
  • Competitors must at all times obey the orders of the race organisers, whose primary concern and responsibility is for the safety of all participants.
  • The area below the finish must be kept clear at all times.
  • Accident, medical and liability insurance is mandatory and is the individual competitor’s responsibility. Momentum Mountain Management Ltd (trading as Momentum Ski & City Ski Championships) cannot and will not accept any
    responsibility for accidents or the consequences thereof during any of the events including in or around the racecourses.
  • Momentum Ski has arranged an insurance policy covering accident and/or injury whilst taking part in our non-professional ski races with medical cover including air ambulance and any personal accident/injury. It is a condition of booking that all clients participating in the City Ski Championships must either purchase the above insurance offered by Momentum Ski or have an insurance policy which provides equal or greater cover under all sections, applicable to ski racing. This policy satisfies these conditions and for the avoidance of doubt we do not accept any costs or expenses due to your failure to obtain proper insurance. Momentum Insurance cover is only available to UK residents and can be bought separately. In the event that you fail to obtain suitable winter sports and amateur racing insurance, Momentum Ski shall not be liable for any costs incurred or claim made against us due to your failure to comply with this term. To purchase please go to our website link:

General Race Rules

  • While inspecting the courses, competitors must not ski through the gates or ‘mirror’ the pattern of the gates.  Side slipping down through the courses is allowed. Infringement of these rules may lead to disqualification.
  • Once course inspection is closed, competitors are prohibited from skiing on the race piste until their race run.
  • Gates are formed by two poles with an imaginary line between them. The competitor passes the gate correctly when both ski tips and both feet have passed over the imaginary line. If a competitor loses a ski without fault (e.g. without
    straddling a gate) s/he may continue on one ski. If a gate is not passed correctly, a competitor may go back up the hill to pass the gate correctly (in either direction). If a competitor misses a gate s/he no longer has the right to continue down the course and must either go back to the missed gate or ski out of the course.
  • The finish must be crossed on both skis, on one ski or with no skis in the case of a fall within the finish area (i.e. between the last gate and the finish line) and where the momentum carries the competitor through the finish. Assisted momentum e.g. crawling, rolling, walking, running may result in disqualification.
  • A provisional re-run will normally be awarded to competitors who are obstructed (e.g. by another competitor, organiser, broken pole, equipment etc.). The procedure to be followed is:
    • Leave the course immediately
    • Ski down the side of the course
    • Report to a race organiser and request a re-run
    • If granted, report immediately to the start referee
  • If a competitor is obstructed but continues with the run, a re-run will not be given as the competitor is deemed to have accepted the obstruction.

Giant Slalom

  • The Giant Slalom race is run as two separate runs, with each competitor’s best time counting towards the results.
  • For the team competition, the fastest time of each team member’s two runs will be taken to give the team’s combined overall time. Each team member must, therefore, complete at least one run, for the team to be eligible to win team prizes.
  • Competitors abandoning the course or suffering disqualification on the first run, will be allowed to race in the second run.
  • Bibs must be worn for the Giant Slalom race and the number must be clearly visible.
  • Bib selection is random; with the previous year’s winners being drawn from the first pool of bibs; followed by the remainder of the competitors.
  • The first run start order is determined by the bib draw; the second runs start order is as follows:
      • The 10 fastest female skiers from the first run in reverse time order;
      • The 30 fastest male skiers from the first run in reverse time order;
      • The remaining competitors in bib order.
  • Competitors must arrive at the start in plenty of time and will be called forward according to the start list.
  • Any competitor who reports to the start gate after his/her turn (according to the start list) may be disqualified. They will, however, be slotted in elsewhere in the running order, if it is possible and if time permits.
  • When the competitor is positioned in the start gate, the start referee will confirm once the competitor is able to set off.
  • All bibs must be returned to the race organisers at the finish, whether the holders took part in the race or not.
  • Any appeals must be filed with the race organisers during or no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the race. Their decision will be final.

Team Parallel Slalom

  • The Team Parallel Slalom race is run as a head-to-head team relay, as a single-elimination tournament, where the winner of each race progresses to the next round.
  • The losing teams in the first round of the tournament will all progress to a plate competition.
  • The first round team draw is decided by the race organisers.
  • Competitors must arrive at the start in plenty of time and will be called forward according to the draw.
  • For each race, the course which each team will race down is decided by a coin toss.
  • The start referee will confirm with all competitors how they will signal the start of the race for the first competitor in each team.
  • Each subsequent competitor must only set off once a flag has been dropped to signal that the previous competitor has reached the finish line. Setting off before this may result in team disqualification.
  • Any appeals must be filed with the race organisers straight after the race for which the team are appealing the decision of. Their decision will be final.

Team Distance Challenge

  • Hosted by our charity partner, Snow-Camp, the team distance challenge involves teams of four racking up as many kilometers as possible on a GPS tracker, within the given time period.
  • As this is a charity event, there are no restrictions on how these teams are formed.
  • Teams must collect their GPS tracker from Snow-Camp in the race paddock at the designated start time and return by the designated finish time.
  • Teams can take any route they like and use any strategy to maximise distance travelled, so long as they remain on foot, skis or ski lifts; with the GPS tracker measuring both uphill and downhill travel.
  • All 4 members of the team must stay together throughout the challenge and must not use external help (i.e. ski guides!). Teams must film a short video at some point during the challenge, featuring all team members in action, to be submitted to judges at the end.
  • Medals will be awarded to all participants, with a prize awarded to the overall champions.

Results & Prizes

  • Race results will be first announced at the prize giving ceremony.
  • For a prize to be awarded, there must be sufficient entries i.e. at least one more eligible winner than the number of prizes.
  • A full list of prizewinners is published in the Financial Times following the conclusion of the City Ski Championships.
  • Prize categories are as follows:


Open Team Champions (mixed companies)
Closed Team Champions (same company team)
Amateur Team Champions
Mixed Team Champions (minimum 2 women)
Women’s Team Champions (all women)


Men’s Overall Champion
Women’s Overall Champion
Men’s Amateur Champion
Women’s Amateur Champion
Men’s Snowboard Champion
Women’s Snowboard Champion


Men’s Seniors 40+ Champion
Men’s Masters 50+ Champion
Women’s Seniors 40+ Champion
Women’s Masters 50+ Champion
Most Challenged Skier Award
Best Wipe Out Award


Accounting & Management Consultancy
Financial Services

*Additional industry categories may be added as warranted, based on entries.


Men’s Interclub Champion
Women’s Interclub Champion
Team Interclub Champions


Open Team Parallel Slalom Champions
Plate Team Parallel Slalom Champions


Team Champions